100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words

For Final Rounds of School Bees and Adult Bees

100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words eBook

If you're looking for some difficult spelling bee words, complete with definitions, pronunciations and sentences, this is it!

There's no need to spend hours combing through the dictionary, or -- even more time consuming -- scouring the internet for tough words.

I've done all the work for you! These 100 words are suitable for final rounds of all-school bees and adult bees. 

What's included?

My list of 100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words comes complete with:

  • pronunciations
  • languages of origin
  • parts of speech
  • definitions 
  • and sentences.  

These words are appropriate for upper grades, adults and/or
for final rounds of spelling bees.

Sample entries:

prophylactic    (prō-fə-lak-tik,  or  prof-ə-)  Greek
    adjective: protecting from disease
    Many people take aspirin as a prophylactic medicine.

malfeasance (mal--zəns)  Old French
    noun: conduct by a public official that violates the public trust or is against  the law
    The city council removed the mayor from office because of his malfeasance.

irascible  (i-ra-sə-bəl)  Middle English, Late Latin
adjective: irritable, quick-tempered
     The elderly man grew more and more irascible as his disease worsened.

Please note: The words in this list are all new. The words do not appear in the free lists on www.spelling-words-well.com, or in the Spelling Bee Toolbox eBooks.

Purchasing the 100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words eBook

Buy your own copy of my 100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words eBook and download instantly!

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100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words eBook

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Buy your own copy of my 100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words eBook and download instantly!

Single School Permission - $19.95

Multiple School Permission - $29.95

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Who Am I?

author Ann Richmond Fisher

I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, longtime author, former classroom teacher, and owner of Spelling-Words-Well.com and Word-Game-World.com.

In correspondence with a number of school officials and spelling bee organizers, I was asked to compile this list of difficult bee words to be used in the final rounds of all-school competitions. Because of the hours and hours required to compile the list, I wanted to make it available to you, too.

I've worked closely with community groups, large school systems and small schools to help them successfully put on Spelling Bees. Using my Spelling Bee Toolbox books, you can do the same!  

Questions? Feel free to contact me.