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Associates Degree Abbreviation

& the Correct Use of All Degree Abbreviations

Using an Associates Degree Abbreviation, as well as almost any degree abbreviation, can be tricky! Most of us do not need to use these very often, so we haven't learned the correct usage. That's about to change!

Refer to the printable list of all the abbreviations and meanings on this page. The images show the same. The full text also appears below. 

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Common Associates Degree Abbreviation and Meanings

Here are 12 of the most common Associate Degree Abbreviations. There are others as well.

A. A. = Associate of Arts; Associate in Accounting

A.A.T. = Associate in Applied Technology

A. B. = Associate of Business

A. M. = Associate of Music

A. N. = Associate of Nursing

A.O.T. = Associate in Occupational Technology

A.S. = Associate of Science

A.A.A. = Associate of Applied Arts

A.A.B. = Associate of Applied Business

A.A.B.A. = Associate of Arts in Business Administration

A.A.S. = Associate of Applied Science

A.A.T. = Associate of Arts in Teaching

Common Bachelor Degrees

Here are 20 popular Bachelor degrees. There are many, many more.

An artist's palette and paint brushes

B.A. = Bachelor of Arts

B.F.A.= Bachelor of Fine Arts

B.S. = Bachelor of Science

B.A.M. = Bachelor of Applied Mathematics

B. Arch. = Bachelor of Architecture

B.D.M. = Bachelor of Dental Medicine

B.E. = Bachelor of Engineering

B.Ec. = Bachelor of Economics

B.Ed. = Bachelor of Education

B.J. = Bachelor of Journalism

Two blue music notes

B.M. = Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Music

B.P.S. = Bachelor of Physical Sciences

B.S.A. = Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

B.S.A. = Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

B.S.B. = Bachelor of Science in Business

B.S.E. = Bachelor of Science in Engineering

B.S.H.A. = Bachelor of Science in Health Administration

B.S.W. = Bachelor of Social Work

B.Th. = Bachelor of Theology

B.V.S. = Bachelor of Veterinary Science

The Correct Use of Degree Abbreviations

The abbreviations for academic degrees may be used with or without a proper name.  When used with a name, these abbreviations come after the person's name.

These sentences are all correct:

1) It took John just 18 months to earn his A.S. degree.

2) The accounting firm wants to hire two people with A.A. degrees.

3) The conductor chose Megan Jones, A.M. to assist him.

What About Those Periods?

The Eighth Edition of the MLA Handbook does not use periods between the letters for abbreviations that are made of mainly capital letters. But the use of periods is allowed if you are consistent in your writing. I have chosen to use periods with every abbreviation.

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