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The Deluxe Gigantic 
Spelling Bee Word Lists

Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists

New, for 2018, these expertly-compiled word lists are available in two versions:

1) The Gigantic Word Lists with words and sentences only

2) The Deluxe Gigantic Word List with the same words, and sentences, PLUS definitions, parts of speech and language of origin

Both Spelling Bee Word Lists are available in three volumes: Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, and Grades 7-8.  (If you also require words and sentences for Grades 1-2, please consider my Young Spellers Word List.) 

No matter your choice, you'll save loads of time with our grade-level spelling bee word lists! 

Best of all,  the Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists are  available for immediate download!

When you secure your copy of these word lists, you'll be instantly ready for this year's bees! 

It's All About the Word Lists!

Open dictionary page with tassel

Both the versions of our Gigantic Word Lists contain carefully selected words, appropriate for each grade level. (These words do not appear in our other eBooks.)

Each word list begins with a few easy words, to help your spellers feel at ease. Then words become gradually more difficult, with a majority of words at the grade levels indicated. The lists end with substantially more difficult words to challenge your top spellers.

For example, the last 30-40 words in the Grade 5-6 list are words at the 7th-10th grade levels.

This year, you'll have access to BOTH the Excel and PDF versions for one low price.

Two Options: 

Option 1: Gigantic Word Lists

This is the original list (with a few updates) first published in 2016. In each volume, you'll receive:

  • 400 spelling bee words for two grades
  • A brief sentence that helps convey the meaning of each word
  • 20 challenge words, each with a definition, part of speech, sentence and language of origin
  • Pronunciations for some of the more difficult words
  • An alphabetical listing of all 400 words

(All lists come in both Excel and Pdf.)

NOTE: If you already purchased the Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists before 2018, please contact me. I'll send you an updated version of the list(s) your purchased at no charge. I will also send you a discount coupon for the Deluxe List. 

Buy the Entire Set (without definitions) for $59

Option 2: Deluxe Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists

In the Deluxe version, new for 2018, you'll receive the same words, sentences and other features listed above, PLUS:

  • a definition for each word that matches the sentence
  • the part of speech that matches the sentence
  • the language of origin for each word

If you're conducting a large-scale school wide or regional spelling bee,  you'll probably want these extra features. 

Download Free Sample Pages

Sample page from the Deluxe Gigantic Spelling Word List

Download free sample pages from all three levels of the Gigantic Word Lists.

Then download free sample pages from the Deluxe Gigantic Lists, and decide which lists are best for you. 

Imagine how simple your spelling bee prep will be this year when you use my new Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists!

Buy Deluxe Set (with definitions) for $99

Buy Now and Download Instantly!

Word lists are sold separately by 3/4,  5/6  and 7/8 grade levels. They are also sold as a set at a reduced rate. 

NOTE: If you require word lists that are separated by grade, please see the 300 Spelling Word Lists that use some of the same words in these Gigantic Lists. 

See the YELLOW Box to purchase the Gigantic Word Lists. 

See the BLUE Box below to purchase the DELUXE Gigantic Word Lists. 

(See more detailed ordering information below.)

Gigantic Word Lists 

Words & Sentences Only

Save! Buy All 3 Sets -  1200 Words with Sentences, and 60 Challenge Words with definitions, parts of speech, sentences and language of origin

Single School $59

Multiple School $89

Buy Now for $59

Buy Now for $89

Grades 3-4

Gigantic Spelling Bee Word List for grades 3-4

Single School $24

Multiple Schools   $36

Buy Now

Buy Now

Grades 5-6

Gigantic Spelling Bee Word List for grades 5-6

Single School $24

Multiple Schools $36

Buy Now

Buy Now

Grades 7-8

Buy Now

Buy Now

Deluxe Gigantic Spelling Word Lists: 

Words, Parts of Speech, Sentences, Definitions, & Language of Origin

Save! Buy All 3 Sets -  1200 Words with Sentences, and 60 Challenge Words with definitions, parts of speech, sentences and language of origin

Single School $99

Multiple School $159

Buy Now

Buy Now

Grades 3-4

Gigantic Spelling Bee Word List for grades 3-4

Buy Now

Buy Now

Grades 5-6

Gigantic Spelling Bee Word List for grades 5-6

Buy Now

Buy Now

Grades 7-8

Buy Now

Buy Now

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please Note:  The prices shown are for the downloadable Gigantic Spelling Bee Word List eBooks only. The books are currently not available in hard copy.

Young Spellers Word List for Grades 1-2 from SpellingWordsWell

Do you also need Spelling Bee Words for Grades 1 and 2? If so, please purchase our Young Spellers Spelling Bee Word List. It contains 400 carefully-selected words and sentences for first and second grade. Learn more >>

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author Ann Richmond Fisher

Please contact me with any questions about The Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists.

I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, longtime educational author and owner of Spelling-Words-Well.com and Word-Game-World.com.

As a former classroom teacher, home school teacher and a 25-year-veteran of the educational publishing world, I know the importance of keeping learning fun!

I've written dozens of books of reproducibles and thousands of magazine pages for some of the biggest educational publishers in the business. I think you'll love these eBooks, and my websites!

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Why Use the Gigantic Word Lists?


Because your time is valuable! For these low prices, it doesn't pay for you to find your own spelling bee words, make sure they're at the proper level of difficulty, compose brief, meaningful sentences for each one, and arrange them in the best order.

How do I know? Because each year, I spend months combing dictionaries and a variety of educational resources looking for just the right words.  I check to make sure the words aren't used in any of my previous eBooks. I choose the definitions, write sentences, and all the rest.

Since I've invested all this time, you don't have to!

Once you purchase these word lists, you'll certainly want to look them over to be sure that each word and sentence is appropriate for your students.

But you won't need to spend hundreds of hours combing the internet and dictionaries to make your own list!

Copyright Info

My generous copyright grants you permission to use one eBook for your entire school building, when you purchase the "Single School" option.

If you plan to use these materials for multiple schools in the same organization, or for a community-wide event, please select the "Multiple Schools" option. This is much more affordable than purchasing new eBooks for everyone!