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Spelling Words Well

Spelling Words Well equips professionals, teachers, and learners of all ages to become impeccable spellers. 

I offer a wide range of word lists, worksheets, games and other activities to help you, your family members, or your students to improve spelling skills.  I've also written LOTS of spelling bee resources and word lists.

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I select pages to feature each month that I believe will be of interest to many of my website's visitors. Pages are chosen because of their popularity and/or seasonal appeal. Be sure to check back early each month to discover those "hidden gems" that you may have missed on your own!  If you'd like to nominate a favorite page of yours to be featured here, please contact me!

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Visit my store to see the entire collection of spelling bee word lists, spelling worksheet collections, spelling word puzzles, spelling curriculum and even a book of Christmas puzzles!

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Sixth Grade Spelling Words and Activities
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600 Spelling Bee Words and Definitions  Very affordably priced, for when all you need are grade-level words and brief, meaningful sentences.   Grades 3/5 or 6/8

 Sixth Grade Spelling Words & Activities

240 words in topical units, TONS of activities, NO printer required. Ideal for remote learning and home school! Also available for Fifth Grade

Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists

400 graded spelling bee words with sentences, and the option to also get  definitions, parts of speech, pronunciations & languages of origin!

Grades 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8

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Try this Spelling Quiz!

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Take this new quick quiz to test your spelling skills:

Unkle Kevin and Ant Suzanne moved from Illinoise to Michigen, wich had allways been thier faverite state. It was familar to them, and many famly members lived there, to. After the move, insted of working for somone else, Suzanne decided to start her own busness. It was a bakry. My aunt makes the best rasberry scones! Write from the begining, her scones were vary poplar, becuase they are so tastey! 

When Kevin wasn't working at his knew job, he was enjoing the excelent amenities of the Grate Lakes State. Although he did a lot of fishing and swiming, he prefered to play golf more then anything else!

After liveing in Michigen for just for months, my aunt and uncle agread they had maid a very smart move!


Count the number of misspelled words. Rewrite the quiz correctly. Then check your answers below at the blue SHOW the ANSWER button! (Hint: You should find over 30 misspelled words.)

Additional Resources at Spelling Words Well

Please check out my growing collection of grade level word lists, writing prompts, spelling worksheets, seasonal bulletin boards, phonics games and activities and brain teasers, at two different levels.

There are so many great ways to teach and reinforce spelling skills! Be sure to poke around this site for awhile to find just what you need.

As a former classroom teacher, and homeschool mom, I know that it takes a wide range of resources of all types to connect with your learners. Different ages, abilities, and attention spans all require different approaches. I believe the lower performing spellers CAN improve, and I'll show you how. I also believe that high performing students should continue to be challenged! That's why you'll find several lists of really difficult spelling words here at Spelling Words Well. 

As the parent and/or the teacher, you are the expert at knowing your students. Let me be your spelling expert, as I provide these wide-ranging resources, largely for free. 

If you'd like to receive my newsletter, you may sign up here. I send out a batch of fun spelling ideas, word plays, and articles about once every month or two. 

If you can't find something, please contact me and let me know what you'd like to see. I do respond to your questions and comments. 

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Suzanne moved from Illinois to Michigan, which had always been their favorite state. It was familiar to them, and many family members lived there, too. After the move, instead of working for someone else, Suzanne decided to start her own business. It was a bakery. My aunt makes the best raspberry scones! Right from the beginning, her scones were very popular, because they are so tasty! When Kevin wasn't working at his new job, he was enjoying the excellent amenities of the Great Lakes State. Although he did a lot of fishing and swimming, he preferred to play golf more than anything else! After living in Michigan for just four months, my aunt and uncle agreed they had made a very smart move!

How did you do on this quiz? Don't worry if you missed a few spelling errors. I'm here to help! One way to improve your spelling is to brush up on this list of frequently misspelled words.  Reviewing commonly misused homophones are another way to quickly improve your spelling.  If you're helping a younger struggling speller, remember that practice, practice, practice makes perfect. But practice doesn't have to be boring! Check out my spelling homework tips, my many spelling word games and fun spelling worksheets! 

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What Others Are Saying

I have utilized the resources from Ann's amazing site for the last few years. The resources are detailed, well thought out , and fun for students.

Highly recommended for educators everywhere.   from Michael G., Canada;  www.coachfortutors.com

"My 8 and 11 year old sons struggle with spelling. I was looking for free printable resources and struggled to find fun and engaging ways for them to improve it.

I came across your website and found lots of free resources that are educational and engaging at the same time.

Thank you."    from G.K., Australia

"I love the variety of methods used to teach spelling."  S., South Africa

"This is one of the most useful, practical, informative, and beneficial resources for teachers. It is really helpful for non-native teachers like me. I really very appreciate your hard work. Million thanks to you."   from teacher in Thailand

"Where have you been all my life?!!! This is the best spelling site I've ever seen! I've been tutoring a girl for 2 years who canNOT spell although she's very bright. I'm always looking for ways to make it more fun and I don't have to look anymore."

"Your website is PERFECT! Thank you so much - and it's all FREE! Wow :)"    from Anita, USA