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Free Alphabet Games

to Play With Groups

toy block with the letters ABC

Try our free alphabet games with your early learners.  They're simple to play, and fun to use again and again!

In the first game, kids guess what letters are taped on their backs. In the second, they learn about alphabetical order.

Secret Letters

Tape a different letter on the back of each child without allowing the child to see what letter is on his back. Then give these instructions:

1. Find out your secret letter by asking the other students questions that can be answered YES or NO.

2. Ask questions such as

  •     Does my letter come near the beginning of the alphabet?
  •     Does my letter come near the end of the alphabet?
  •     Is my letter in my name?
  •     Is my letter at the beginning of cat or dog?  and so on...

 3. If you need help, ask me (teacher) for a hint.

4. When you have guessed your letter correctly, ask someone to remove it from your back. You may continue to answer questions for other students.

Order, Please!

Here's another one of our favorite free alphabet games. This simple game is a good way to introduce the idea of alphabetical order.

1. Give each student a card on which you've written a different letter of the alphabet, starting with A. If you have only 10 students, use only the first ten letters of the alphabet.

2. Ask the students to hold up their cards and stand in order, beginning with A, B, C...

3. Next, randomly divide the students into two groups. Ask them to arrange themselves in alphabetical order, even though some of the letters are now missing.

4. Repeat this activity with different letters of the alphabet. For instance, if you have just ten students, use any ten letters.

5. To continue building on this concept, next use this activity with simple words instead of letters. For example, write these words on cards: apple, bat, car, dog, ear, farm, goat, hand, ice, jar. Proceed as outlined above.

More Free Alphabet Games & Activities

parrot on a perch with a big pickle

Here are some more early-learning games and activities to help students learn the alphabet:

ABC Pop Up - A fast-paced listening game that's really fun!

What's the First Letter? - Kids can sit at the computer and play this simple game.

Alphabetical Objects and Which One - Simple activities for the home or  classroom to practice beginning sounds

ABC Phonics Poem - This is fun and funny! Goofy pictures and silly phrases will reinforce the sounds for each letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet Phonics Booklet - A printable booklet for each child to customize!

Alphabet Printables - ABC cut-outs and simple worksheets

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  3. Secret Letters & Order, Please!


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