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Spelling Help for Older Students and Adults

Two hands hanging on to the top of a wall with the words HELP coming from behind the wall

If you need spelling help, you're in the right place. Come out from hiding and get the assistance you need to become a better speller!  I've gathered a variety of activities and lessons from across this website that are especially suited to adults and older learners.

Click the links to find the resources you need most. You'll find full-length printable versions for the lessons on each page.

Spelling Help

Step-by-Step Lesson for Doubling Final Consonants When you add -ing or -ed to the ends of words like sit, begin or prefer, do you double the final consonant in the base word in the base word, or not? Go through this 8-step lesson and you'll soon be spelling these word with confidence!

Step-by-Step Lesson for Spelling Help with IE/EI Words Follow these 10 steps at your own pace to master these tricky words. We present the rule, and you practice it, step by step!

10 Spelling Strategies Here's a condensed version of 10 of the most frequently-used spelling strategies. Find out which ones you already know, and which ones you need to practice.

a lot of money

5 Common Spelling Mistakes Beware of these common spelling errors, and learn how to fix them! Learn that this is  A LOT of money, not ALOT of money. Master the apostrophe, remember to proofread, and more.

Troublesome Homonyms Explained, Part 1:  Improve spelling skills by choosing the correct homonym. Definitions and examples included for homonyms beginning with A - P.  Free pdf.  

Troublesome homonyms Explained, Part 2:  Here's more help with homonyms. If your/you’re ever to/too confused to use the correct homonym, print out this free, handy reference tool! Homonyms beginning with P - Y.

It's also helpful to review frequently misspelled words. Skim through the list, make a note of the ones that are troublesome for you, and then determine to learn them, a few at a time.

Codes and Crosswords!

Solving codes is another way to build spelling skills. People of all ages enjoy uncovering a hidden message. You can find cryptograms for all year round on our other website.

For some challenging fun and spelling practice,
try our Level 2 Brain Teasers!

Here are just two of our favorites!

detective with large magnifying glass

The Message & Reply - Two REALLY difficult letters with hidden messages. Good spelling skills are the key to solving the detective's riddles!

An Impossible Brain Teaser? - Sure, the directions are tricky, but adults and upper grade students can solve this the first time, right?

Anagram of solve = loves

I've just added some challenging crosswords that are great for adults and older students. This 5-Letter Anagram puzzler is one of my favorites.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. Excellent spelling skills are not developed in a day, either! This is especially true if English is not your first language. With hard work and perseverance, however, your spelling will improve. Don't give up!

Please note that we'll be adding more spelling resources from time to time. Why not contact us to let us to know what you'd most like to see?

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