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blindfolded man

If you like crossword-puzzles and word play games, you're going to love this one! For each clue, I provide two possible answers. You just have to choose the right one. Sounds easy, right?

Which One Is It?

Don’t try to solve this puzzle while you’re blindfolded. Instead, use what you know about correct spelling!

On the printable page,  circle the word that is spelled CORRECTLY and write in the diagram. Write the misspelled word correctly in the blank.

Printable Version and Answers

Which one is it - Crossword diagram


6.       committee/cordouroy         

7.       chanderlier/caterpillar          

8.       strengthen/threshhold        

9.       athletic/bizzarre                    

12.     bouyant/burglar                    

13.     larynx/manuel                       

16.     accessery/analogous           

18.     vinager/warrant              

20.     hygeine/isthmus                   

21.     porcelin/potatoes                 

22.     conceive/concious               

23.     parliment/physician           

24.     goverment/guarantee 


1.       repellant/reservoir               

2.       occurred/ocassion          

3.       familar/fatigue                     

4.      susceptable/vaccination   

5.       secretary/separatly              

10.     embarrass/exagerate

11.     foriegn/freight                        

14.     asparagras/arithmetic          

15.  pnuemonia/pseudonym         

16.     attorney/antartic                    

17.     referrence/remittance  

19.     abscess/amatuer

Teachers and parents, crosswords and other word games provide a fun way for kids to practice spelling and vocabulary skills. Be sure to use this type activity, along with some fun spelling games and worksheets to add some sparkle to your instruction!

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