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Using Coupons on Spelling Words Well

Learn how to save 20% on all purchases, now through 6/27/23

From time to time, I offer coupons for special savings on my eBooks of spelling worksheets and spelling bee word lists.

These coupon codes can be found on the website, in newsletters, or further down this page.

How to Use a Coupon

1.  Select the item you wish to purchase, and click on the payment link. That will take you to the appropriate Clickbank order form.

2. Complete your payment information.

3. Just above the red Pay Now bar, you'll see an empty box labeled "coupon."  (See example.)

4. Enter the coupon code into that box.

5. Click "Apply."

6. Your payment total will instantly be reduced by the amount of the coupon.

7. Click Pay Now to make your payment at the reduced price. 

Please note: Coupons cannot be applied to prior sales.

Current Coupon Codes - NEW!

JUNE20 = 20% off your entire purchase, now through June 27, 2023

LOYALTY10  = 10% off your purchase

Visit My Store

Be sure to visit my STORE to find all the great ebooks for sale. You'll find spelling worksheets for primary and middle grades and oodles of spelling bee word lists so that you can confidently conduct a classy spelling bee!

You'll even find some word play puzzlers and Christmas word games!


As always, please contact me if you have any questions or issues concerning coupons, word lists, or anything else about Spelling Words Well.

Thanks for visiting.

This page was last updated on 6/16/23.


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