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Disclosure Page

Author and website owner, Ann Richmond Fisher

As the owner of SpellingWordsWell.com, I strive to offer you the best possible content to improve your spelling skills and to help parents and teachers build excellent spellers as well.

To that end, on some pages throughout this website, I offer products for sale through other companies, such as Amazon. These are products that I believe will help build spelling skills for many people.

I earn a small amount of money on qualifying sales. That makes me an "affiliate" or an "associate" of that company.

You pay no more for the products because I am an affiliate. You can purchase them elsewhere for the same price. 

Please note that you are under no pressure to buy these products through my website, or anywhere else. 

If you have any questions, please contact me

Thank you for visiting SpellingWordsWell!

Ann Richmond Fisher


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