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Free Crossword Puzzle

Anagram of solve = loves, from our Free Crossword Puzzle of Anagrams

This free crossword puzzle features anagrams, or different words spelled with the same set of letters. Here are three examples of anagrams: solve-love, lemon/melon and easel/lease.

Five-Letter Anagram Crossword

In this challenging crossword puzzle, you must find the correct anagram for each five-letter clue. Some clues have more than one anagram, so you will need to work back and forth between the clues and the puzzle to find answers that fit. On the printable page, be sure to use a pencil in case you need to change your answers!

Printable Version & Answers

Free Crossword Puzzle with 5-Letter Anagrams from www.spelling-words-well.com


1.       clasp

5.       large

8.       stink

9.       tread

11.     lapse

12.     pinto

14.     broad

15.     north

17.     zoned

18.     amble

19.     among

21.     raise

25.     torso

27.     could

28.     react

29.     rifts


2.       auger

3.       sweat

4.       waist

6.       petal

7.       frail

10.     drive

11.     paler

13.     there

16.     thing

17.     diary

20.     clean

22.     verse

23.     cause

24.     caper

25.     outer

26.     cuffs

This puzzle is ideal for upper grade students who are working on increasing their vocabulary and practicing critical thinking skills. Adults will find it fun, if not a bit perplexing.

I'm adding more and more crosswords, so please check back again for more. This one is quite difficult, but I also have new easier crosswords, too!

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Why Use Crosswords?

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The focus of this website is spelling, so why do I have free crossword puzzles? Great question! To successfully complete a crossword, you need vocabulary and spelling skills. Any kind of word game that provides this kind of practice in a fun way is a winner in my book!

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