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Sixth Grade Spelling Words and Activities 

Excelling In Spelling Series

These sixth grade spelling words and activities will keep your kids learning, whether they're online, at home or in the classroom! Be ready for whatever this school year may bring with this brand-new 6th grade spelling resource. 

  • Are you looking for spelling exercises that students can complete remotely?
  • Do you want materials kids can complete in home school on their own?
  • Or do you need spelling materials in the classroom that you can vary for different levels? 

Then you are exactly the person I had in mind when I wrote this eBook!

Sixth Grade Spelling Words and Activities  eBook Cover

Kids will learn 240 superb words as they work through 12 topical units in this set of sixth grade spelling words and activities.

No printers are required! Kids can sit at a monitor or tablet with paper and pencil to complete the engaging exercises. 

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I'm a former sixth grade teacher. I understand sixth graders (at least as much as that is possible!), and I know a bit about their interests. 

By sixth grade, spelling abilities vary a lot. That's why I've included 20 words on the student page. I've also added 3 easier words and 3 harder words on the parent/teacher page, in case you need to switch out a few words for some students. 

Comments from purchasers:

Extremely Satisfied - K.N.

Amazing Resource - C. L.

Inside the Sixth Grade Spelling Words and Activities: 

Take a look at a few of the pages inside this brand-new 6th grade spelling resource: 

Sci-Fi Spelling Word List page
Zoology Spelling Words Page
Spelling Game page

This set of Sixth Grade Spelling Words and Activities includes:

  • 12 topical units of 20 words each. Units include Zoology, Entertainment, COVID-19, Sci-Fi, "Ridiculous" Words, IE/EI Words, Frequently Misspelled Words, and more
  • Activities for each unit include spelling patterns, word meaning, word play, writing prompts, and more. These can be adjusted according to student ability. 
  • Three games that can be played with almost any words for additional practice
  • Parent/Teacher pages with easier and harder words for each list, complete answer keys and additional resources

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Be ready for anything this year with the purchase of my new Sixth Grade Spelling Words and Activities. There's a very low price to pay for a high degree of relief, knowing that you're covered--with 12 spelling word units packed with lots of words and lots to do and learn, whenever you need extra material or remote resources!

If you're looking for a serious spelling resource that teaches kids to spell well and use the words they learn, this is it!

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I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, former classroom teacher, home school teacher and longtime educational publisher. Thanks for stopping by to consider this awesome new collection of 6th grade spelling words and activities! 

While you're here, please take a look at the rest of my website where you'll find nearly 400 pages of free, quality spelling content! Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. 


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