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Music Crossword Puzzles

Muddled Musical Terms

blurred piano

Music crossword puzzles are fun to solve, and this one is no exception. You'll need to engage in some challenging word play to complete this one!


Sharpen your focus to solve this unique music crossword puzzle! For each clue that has five or fewer letters, you need to replace one letter to spell a musical word. If the clue has six or more letters, replace two letters.

Answer words include musical terms, musical instruments, words you need to know when you’re reading music, and more. HINT: The answer to 1 Across is CHORUS. 

As you place each word into the crossword, you’ll get more and more hints for the clues that are the hardest to solve. Don't miss the "Digging Deeper" challenge below. 

Printable  Version and Answer

Muddled Music Crossword Puzzle


3.   shores

6.   violet

9.   also

10. corn

11. flap

13. chore

16. cells

17. shard

18. tuna

21. mine

23. uncork

24. Asia

25. grass

31. cute

32. torte


1.   ring

2.   witch

4.   revival

5.   heat

7.   cargo

8.   trip

12. balloon

14. warp

15. dust

16. soda

19. mass

20. leisure

21. flume

22. manor

26. rust

27. blur

28. terse

29. silo

30. fire

Digging a Little Deeper...

Unscramble the letters in BOLD above to spell a nine-letter musical instrument.   Scroll down for the answer. 

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