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Crossword Puzzles to Print

World Globe

Use our crossword puzzles to print for your classroom or home. You'll find lots of great educational puzzles here at Spelling Words Well. This puzzle features capital cities around the world. It sounds like a challenge, doesn't it, to both name and spell each country? But it may not be as difficult as you think!

World Capitals

To complete this puzzle, simply spell the name of the the country that matches each capital city and add it to the diagram. You'll be surprised at how many world capital cities you already know, and how many more you can figure out as you begin to fill in the crossword diagram. So enjoy your trip around the world as you sail through this puzzle!

Printable Version and Answers

World Capitals Crossword, one of the free crossword puzzles to print from www.spelling-words-well.com


1.    Paris

4.    Athens

5.    Stockholm

6.    New Delhi

9.    Tokyo

10.  Warsaw

13.  Baghdad

15.  Ottawa

16.  Amsterdam

19.  Dublin

20.  Vienna


2.    Moscow

3.    Mexico City

7.    Washington, D.C.

8.    London

11.  Ankara

12.  Beirut

14.  Jerusalem

15.  Havana

17.  Madrid

18.  Beijing

19.  Rome

Digging a Little Deeper...

You may have noticed in #3 Down, the name of the country is also in the name of the capital city. How many other word capitals can you name where this happens? You may also include capitals that match the name of the country. Scroll down for a few answers. 

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Guatemala City, Guatemala; Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Monaco, Monaco; Panama City, Panama and Singapore, Singapore. There may be others as well.


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