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A New Kid Crossword Puzzle

Kid crossword puzzles create a great opportunity spend quality time with your favorite young one. As you work together to read the clues, think of answers, then spell the words, you are focused on a common goal. You can observe your child's thinking and language skills, and you can both enjoy the sense of accomplishment when the crossword is complete. Be sure to try several while you're here!

These are also great for the classroom.

Double Zs!

Double Zs

This kid’s crossword will stretch your brain as you try to think of 15 words with double Zs. How long will it take you to solve it?

As always, be sure to ask an adult for help in reading clues and thinking of answers. Tip: It’s really fun to solve crosswords with a friend or family member!

Printable Version & Answer

Double Z kid crossword grid


1.  A toy with many pieces that must be put back together

2.  Sound made by a bee

5.  Flair, energy, or attractive style

7.  American music with lively rhythms

8.  How a teddy bear might feel to you

10.   A very light rain

11.   To drink greedily

12.   A spout at the end of a garden hose that directs the flow of water


Pizza Chef

1.  A baked dish with rolled bread dough topped with tomato sauce, cheese and other toppings

2.  An electrical device that makes a sound as a signal or warning

3.  To make a hissing or crackling sound, like meat on a grill

4.  An unsteady feeling of whirling

6.  To make nearly blind for a short time with very bright light

8.  To fail after a good start

9.  A type of bear

Digging a Little Deeper...

Do you know another correct spelling of the answer to 5 Across? Scroll down for the answer.

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