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Easy Crosswords

Sun and clouds from our Easy Crosswords on Antonyms. From www.spelling-words-well.com

Easy crosswords are a great way to give kids extra practice in spelling, reading and vocabulary. Why?

Because children must read the clue, think of a word they know, and then spell it correctly to fit it in the diagram. Learning can be fun!

Antonyms (Opposites)

Think of a word that means the opposite of each clue. (Sometimes there may be more than one answer.)

Here's a peek at the printable page.  Be sure to use a pencil in case you need to change an answer!

Printable Version & Answer

Easy Crosswords on Antonyms. Great crossword puzzle for kids. Find more at www.spelling-words-well.com


1.       cloudy

3.       remember

5.       add

8.       noisy

13.     least

14.     east

15.     give

16.     goodbye

19.     more


1.       large

2.       old

4.       loose

6.       left

7.       false

9.       beginning

10.     best

11.     question

12.     north

17.     first

18.     even

Teachers, feel free to use any of my crosswords in your classroom to supplement your usual activities. Parents, print out a crossword anytime for some fun extra practice at home.

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happy dog

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