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A Fun Crossword Puzzle for Kids

airplane in the clouds

Here's a fun crossword puzzle for kids, and it's educational, too! What could be better than that? Print it out to use in the classroom or at home.

To complete this crossword, you'll need to choose the correct homophone in each sentence, then write it correctly in the puzzle diagram.

Homophone Crossword

Printable Version & Answer

crossword puzzle for kids diagram


1.       There/Their plane was late, so the Smiths slept at the airport.

5.       The newborn calf was too weak/week to stand.

6.       Meri was very pale/pail when she was sick.

7.       I don’t want to brake/break my mother’s glass vase.

8.       All the shirts are on sail/sale now at this store.

11.     I cannot hear/here what you are saying.

12.     We cut up too/two apples for our snack.

13.     Can you right/write with your left hand?


2.       Dad rode/road to work with a friend.

3.       The boy’s tale/tail about flying around the world was not true.

4.       The horse’s main/mane is very soft.

7.       We saw a big brown bare/bear at the zoo.

8.       Pete sent/cent a card to his uncle.

9.       Can we meat/meet after school?

10.     The chairs were lined up in five rows/rose.

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