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Crossword Express

A Long and Short Puzzle!

Climb aboard the Crossword Express for this challenging vocabulary puzzler! You'll need to supply long synonyms for some clues and short synonyms for others.

As you begin to fill in the grid, the letters you provide will give you clues to more and more words. 

The Long and Short Crossword

Here's a look at the page. Please get the printable version for best results. For your convenience, the clues are also provided below. Answers can be seen on the printable document. 

Crossword Express: The Long and Short Puzzler



3.      Long word for TINY

6.      Short word for PIECE

9.      Long word for QUIET

11.    Short word for ORDERLY

12.    Short word for VIVACIOUS

13.    Long word for NOISY

15.    Long word for MESSY


1.      Short word for GIGANTIC

2.      Short word for GLOOMY

4.      Long word for RAPID

5.      Short word for WATCHFUL

7.      Short word for COGITATE

8.      Long word for NEWS

10.    Short word for SOAR

14.    Short word for SLUGGISH

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NEW! Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook - 20 all-new puzzles for grades 3-5.  Most clues written for differentiation. Learn more!