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Free Crossword Puzzle Games

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Free crossword puzzle games are fun to solve, if you know the right information! This challenging puzzle features 22 well-known American colleges and universities.

Learning Locations

You’ve probably heard of most of these universities and colleges, but do you know where they are located? For each clue, supply the city and the two-letter state abbreviation. For example, the answer to 1 across, Temple University, is PHILADELPHIAPA.

Printable Version and Answers

"Learning Locations," one of the free crossword puzzle games at www.spelling-words-well.com


1.    Temple University

4.    Columbia University

6.    Brown University

8.    Wake Forest University

10.  Rice University

11.  Xavier University

15.  Baylor University

17.  Emory University

18.  Indiana University

19.  University of Florida

20.  Carnegie Mellon University


2.    Dartmouth College

3.    Duke University

5.    Cornell University

6. California Institute of Technology

7.    Vanderbilt University

8.    Georgetown University

9.    Seton Hall University

12.  Yale University

13.  Northwestern University

14.  University of Michigan

16.  Harvard University

I'm adding more and more crosswords, so please check back again for more. This one is quite difficult, but I also have new easier crosswords, too!

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Why Use Crosswords?

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The focus of this website is spelling, so why do I have crossword puzzles? Great question! To successfully complete a crossword, you need vocabulary and spelling skills. Any kind of word game that provides this kind of practice in a fun way is a winner in my book!

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