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Free English Worksheets

"Ex" Marks the Spot!

X marks the spot on a stage with spotlight

We have lots of free English worksheets, including this crossword that provides great spelling and vocabulary practice.

Answers in this crossword begin with the letters EX. See clues and answers below the diagram. Note: If you solve this quickly, you should be EXceedingly happy. Others should EXTOL your talent and EXcellent abilities!

"Ex" Marks the Spot

Printable Puzzle

Free English Worksheets - Crossword puzzle diagram

Crossword Clues


1.    Careful noting of details

3.    King Arthur's sword

5.    Make more violent or severe

7.    Impromptu

9.    Do extremely well

11.  Form a cavity or hole in something

13.  Cause irritation or annoyance

15.  Cry out in strong emotion

16.  Investigate or look into

19.  Enlarge beyond the truth

20.  Elevate by praise

21.  Unremittingly severe in making demands


1.    Mathematical symbol written to show the raising of a power

2.    More than the usual, or proper, amount

4.    Fine wood shavings used for packing

6.    Easily roused into action or irritability

8.  In Great Britain, the government department in charge of public revenues

9.    An increase in size or scope

10.  With the exclusion of

12.  To give up something for something else

13.  Serves as a pattern

14.  Sudden noisy burst of energy

16.  Passage from a book

17.  Tax levied on certain commodities

18.  To be greater than or superior to

Our Puzzle Answers
(Yours may be slightly different)

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