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8th Grade Worksheets

for Spelling and Vocabulary Practice

Blue armadillo from our 8th grade worksheets. Spelling and vocab practice from www.spelling-words-well.com

Here’s one of our unique 8th grade worksheets, that even adults will find to be very challenging. How long will it take you to solve it?

8th Grade Worksheets

Random Definitions™:  ARMADILLO

Here's a peek at the printable page. Full instructions and clues also appear below.

8th grade worksheet featuring a challenging puzzle that uses the letters in ARMADILLO. From www.spelling-words-well.com.

Instructions: Use only the letters in ARMADILLO to spell a word for each definition given here. Then place the new word correctly in the diagram.

Watch out! The definitions are given in random order. There is a solution in which every answer will fit into the diagram. See the printable version and  answers.


A. A kind of duck

B. An electronic receiver that detects and amplifies transmitted signals

C. It has the same value as 100 pennies

D. A cud-chewing mammal related to camels, but having no hump

E. A piece written for theatrical performance

F. A shortened word for a luxurious car, usually driven by a chauffeur 

G. A 3-dimensional picture or exhibit

H. A high-ranking naval officer

I. A wake-up sound from a clock or other device 

Figure out answers to these clues, then place your words in the diagram on this printable page

Note: While you may be able to place some of your answers in more than one line in the diagram, you need to find a solution in which all the words fit. 

You may also enjoy this ARTICHOKE puzzle which uses the same format. 

More Worksheets for 8th and 9th Graders

Mystery Word Scrambles - 8th grade worksheet from www.spelling-words-well.com

On this printable worksheet, you'll see that each set of scrambled words contains 8 lines. One of the words describes the topic. The other seven words can be unscrambled to spell words related to that topic.

Make sure you can solve it before you share it with your students!

Cryptogram Worksheet: Another great 7th or 8th grade worksheet. This one includes instructions so students, parents or teachers can make more cryptogram puzzles with any word list. 

two arrows facing opposite directions

Antonym Antics - Vocabulary worksheet featuring antonyms and spelling. It's a unique format for your upper level students.

"Ex" Marks the Spot - Another great vocab worksheet upper grades. In this fun crossword puzzle, every answer begins with the letters EX. 

 So N "ICE" to Know You!:  All the answers on this vocab page contain the letters ICE. 

Word Lists

You may also find these word lists to be helpful. If you students can master the spellings of these words, they will be stronger writers.


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