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7th Grade Worksheets for Spelling Practice

Wacky Weather Cryptograms are featured in this challenging 7th grade worksheet.

If you're looking for 7th grade worksheets, you're at a great place! This puzzle-y cryptogram worksheet, Wacky Weather, uses some of the tricky words from this list of 7th grade spelling words

Best of all, I've also included instructions to help you or your students make customized cryptogram worksheets -- anytime, with any words! So be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the page.

7th Grade Worksheets :
Wacky Weather Cryptogram

Here's a peek at the Wacky Weather worksheet. Get your full-size printable version here. I've placed the answers in a separate file here

7th grade worksheet features Wacky Weather Cryptograms. It's great for building #spelling and vocabulary skills!

How to Solve Cryptograms

If you or your 7th graders have never solved a cryptogram, these tips will help you get started.

1. First use the hints provided to replace all the Ts with Gs and Ds with Is. You may be able to guess that the word for number 15 ends in ING

2. From there, you should be able to solve the words wind, rain, warning and gale.

3. As you solve each word, add the letters you decode to the key to help you solve more words.

It's a fun-- and perhaps sneaky -- way to get your older students to practice spelling and vocabulary skills!

And here's the best part. I've made a printable worksheet of instructions so that you or your students can also create worksheets of cryptograms at any time.  It's printable and free! 

You can find more cryptogram puzzles anytime on my other website.

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