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Free Printable Brain Teasers

Rhymonyms TM

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These free printable brain teasers are really different. They're also challenging and FUN!  You'll need to think hard about word meanings and rhymes. These questions are best for upper grade students and adults.

Will you be able to solve them all?

Rhymonyms TM

Introducing an all-new (and sometimes tough) word game! You may remember that SYNONYMS are words that mean the same, such as nice and kind. In this puzzle, you must replace each word with a synonym so that both words in each line rhyme. 

Example: ooze, mound     Answer: seep, heap

Here's a peek at the printable page. The complete text of the brain teasers appears below. 

Free Printable Brain Teasers - Rhymonyms TM

1. column, cultivator

2. hankie, concern

3. ghost, slobber

4. neckline, filth

5. songwriter, tumbler

6. lump, gossip

7. whiter, adapt

8. zeal, hatchet

9. trench, quiver

10. bliss, arrest

11. perfumes, compact

12. quirk, artistocrate

Here are my answers. Others may also be possible.
1. pillar, tiller
2. tissue, issue
3. ghoul, drool
4. collar, squalor
5. hymnist, gymnast
6. tumor, rumor
7. paler, tailor
8. fever, cleaver
9. gutter, flutter
10. rapture, capture
11. scents, dense
12. fluke, duke

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