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George Washington

If you like logic brain teasers riddles or word games, here's a great activity for you! Find links to find lots more puzzlers at the bottom of the page.

Brain teasers are especially good to use in the classroom. Why? Because they require students to use critical thinking skills that aren't always stretched in routine classroom exercises. The teasers we've written require students to read directions carefully and then draw upon their knowledge of spelling and vocabulary. Of course, these are also fun to solve on your own, outside of class!

Logical Letters : U.S. Presidents

Brain Teasers Riddles and More!

To successfully complete this page, you'll need to select the correct letter for each of the nine clues.  Note: There will be several possible answers for each clue, but you'll need to select the right combination of letters to spell the two-word answer.

For an extra challenge, we've also included a trivia question. All answers appear on the printable page.

Printable Brain Teaser and Answer

Here's the text from the printable page

1. The first letter is in FORD but not in COOLIDGE.        _____

2. The second letter is in NIXON but not in JACKSON.   _____

3. The third letter is in MONROE but not in MADISON.  _____

4. The fourth letter is in BUSH but not in BUCHANAN.  _____

5. The fifth letter is in TRUMAN but not in VAN BUREN.  _____

 6. The sixth letter is in LINCOLN but not in JACKSON.     _____

7. The seventh letter is in REAGAN but not in PIERCE.      _____

8. The eighth letter is in ADAMS but not in WASHINGTON. _____

9. The ninth letter is in HAYES but not in HOOVER.            _____

 Do you know which president did not have one of these?

Did you figure out the answer? Print out the page and answers, or check your work below:

FIRST LADY; James Buchanan has been the only single U.S. President to date.

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You can also find brand-new brain teasers on my Word-Game-World website. Please check out the entire collection here.


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