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Brain Teasers and Riddles 

With Multiple-Meaning Words

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Brain teasers and riddles are a great way to practice language skills. If students can see the humor in word play, it shows they have a good understanding of word meanings.

To solve these riddles, you’ll need to use words that have more than one meaning. For example, a story can mean a legend or news account, or it can mean the level of a building. The first joke uses this word.

Multiple-Meaning Mania!

Brain Teasers and Answers from www.spelling-words-well.com

Printable Brain Teasers 


man climbing up a stack of giant books

1. How can you make a library bigger?

2. What kind of instruments do all animals have inside of them?

3. When do bad days usually fall apart?

4. When do kids get the most exercise?

5. What cannot run although it has three feet?

blue music notes

6. Why was the music teacher so upset?

7. If a man gives fifteen cents to one of his sons, and a dime to another, what time is it?

8. What’s the quickest way to make a point in your writing?

9. What is the fruit of history?

10. Where were the first donuts fried?

artist's palette

11. When do artists paint the best oceans?

12. What’s a prisoner’s favorite punctuation mark?

13. What never asks questions but is often answered?

14. What animals are well-educated?


15. Who is a sound sleeper?

16. What did the mountain say to the earthquake?

17. What do gingerbread men put on their beds?

18. Where do you find the biggest spiders?

brown dog with tongue hanging out

19. How do you make an egg roll?

20. How do dog catchers get paid?

Check your answers with ours.

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