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Brain Teaser Riddles :
Hilarious Homophones

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These brain teaser riddles are a fun way to understand and practice homophones. Remember that homophones are words that have the same sound but different spellings and meanings, such as there/their/they’re. 

Have fun answering these riddles. Some are old, some are new. How many can you solve?

Hilarious Homophones

Brain Teaser Riddles: Hilarious Homophones!  
from www.spelling-words-well.com

Printable Brain Teaser Riddles

1. Why did the bread have holes?

 Because it was hole (whole) wheat bread.

2. What kind of fruit grows on power lines?

Electrical currents (currants).

3. Why is homework like the water on the lawn in the morning?

Because they both are due (dew).

4. What cake do baseball players like best?

Bundt (bunt) cakes.

5. How can you make an apple into another fruit?

Pare (pear) it.

6. Why couldn’t the pony talk?

Because it was a little horse (hoarse).

7. How do you catch a fairy?

By its fairy tale (tail).

8.  How do you paint a rabbit?

With hare(hair) spray.

9. What advice did one give bee give to another bee?

Just bee (be) yourself!

10. What’s the scariest lake in which to swim?

Lake Erie (Eerie)

11. What vegetable is essential to good music?

The beet (beat).

12. What’s a chicken’s favorite thing to do at a basketball game?

Take a fowl (foul) shot.

If you have more homophone riddles, we'd love to see them! Please contact us and we'll pass them along.

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