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Easy Brain Teasers With Answers

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Here are some fun, quick-thinking brain teasers with answers that include lots of spelling and vocabulary practice. These twelve questions are presented and explained in four different sections.  You can find more slightly more difficult versions of similar brain teasers here.

Printable version of these Brain Teasers with Answers

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One at a Time

Here’s how you can change the word DOG to CAT by changing just one letter at time:  DOG, DOT, COT, CAT

1. Change PIG to HEN in the same way. Be sure to spell read words each time. (Please note that there may be many different ways to solve these puzzlers.)


2. Now change BAT to FOX by changing one letter at a time. Be sure to spell real words.   


3. Now change SHOE to BOOT.


 4. For a more difficult challenge, change HEAT to COLD.


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Rhyme Time

The words sun, shoe, flee rhyme with three words often used together: one, two, three.

 5. Write a set of three related words that rhyme with chop, hip, bump.

hop, skip, jump

 6. Write a set of three related words that rhyme with label, wear, slouch.

table, chair, couch

7. Find a set of three related words that rhyme with many, pickle, slime. Be sure to spell each one correctly.

penny, nickel, dime

cars piled up in a traffic jam

Tricky Transportation

If you change the w in want to a k and then rearrange the letters kant, you can spell tank, one form of transportation Now change one letter in each of these words and rearrange the letters to spell more kinds of transportation.

8. tea


9. push


10. poems


Eating on the Run

Here are just two  more brain teasers with answers. Spell a food using only letters in the name of each city. You do not need to use all the letters, and you may change the order of the letters.

 11. CAROLEEN (North Carolina)


12.  KIMBALL (Nebraska)


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