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Brain Teaser Worksheets
for Spelling Fun

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Brain teaser worksheets are a great way for young students to see, read and write while they think through the puzzles at hand.  In these reproducibles, students will solve clues to discover hidden words. They'll need to carefully read the clues and know the spellings for each picture.

Good thinking skills are also a must!

Picture Puzzler

For this worksheet, students must know how to spell ten simple words to uncover the secret word.

Printable worksheet

brain teaser worksheet - Picture Puzzler

Another Version:

If you'd rather play this on a board, without using a printable page, here are the clues for you to share.

1. Find a letter that is in SOCK but not in CLOCK.

2. Find a letter that is in MOON but not in SPOON.

3. Find a latter that is in PIE but not in PENCIL.

4. Find the letter that is in LOG but not in GOAT.

5. Find a letter that is in BELL but not in BALLOON.

Write your letters to spell a happy word. Check your answers below.

Again, challenge students to make their own riddles like the one above for short words such as cat, dog, sun or fish


Letter Logic

Here's another fun reproducible. It uses the same format as the one above. But it's slightly harder because there is more than one choice for some of the letters,

Printable worksheet

brain teaser worksheet - Letter Logic

Another Version:

Again, if you'd rather not use a printable page, here are the equivalent clues. Note that this page is slightly more difficult because there are more choices for some of the letters.

1. The first letter is in PIG but not in APE.

2. The second letter is in FISH but not in BRUSH.

3. The third letter is in CAT but not in BAT.

4. The fourth letter is in KEY but not in EYE.

5. The fifth letter is in LAMP but not in MAN.

6. the last letter is in EGGS but not in GHOST.

Write your answer letters to spell the name of something you can eat.  Check your answer below. 


You and your students may also enjoy these Brain Teaser Games from www.word-game-world.

More Brain Teaser Worksheets:

Your students might also enjoy our  Mystery Words  puzzlers. They are printable worksheets, especially for kids. They'll need to carefully read the directions, use critical thinking skills and spelling skills to find the mystery words.  Fun and challenging!

Mystery Words puzzle
Mystery Word Puzzle #2

Don't miss our wide assortment of spelling worksheets. Many of them contain interesting, challenging puzzle-type activities. We have pages for all ages and abilities!

Also Try...

Why not try some of these assortments of fun brain teaser questions? Each one is also available in printable form.

happy guy with mouth wide open and arms outstretched
detective with large magnifying glass

If you prefer more difficut brain teasers than the one here, check out our collection of Level 2 worksheets and puzzlers. Here's one of our favorites:

The Message - You'll need a good knowledge of spelling demons for this challenging detective story, suitable for adults and upper grade students.

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First Two Letters - The first two letters to every answer in this list of brain teasers are either supplied or partially revealed. You only need to finish spelling the words. This should be easy -- right?

George Washington

 U.S. Presidents: Logical Letter Brain Teaser  Choose the right letter in each of 9 clues to spell the answer to a trivia fact about U.S. Presidents. Sounds easy...right?

race car driver

Fun Brain Teasers for Students  These fun brain teasers will check your students' spelling and vocabulary skills. They’ll also tickle their funny bones! 

Pull-Apart Synonyms - Extremely challenging free word scramble game! Can you pull apart these letters, without rearranging them, to spell a pair of synonyms? Is this as easy as it sounds???

Brain Teaser Crosswords

Pig Jig crossword, page 1

Pig Jigs - If you know that "a dance for hog" is a Pig Jig, then you'll have no problem with this crossword. Solve over 40 more fun rhyming word pairs! 

the number TWO on a yellow sticky note

Second Place Trivia - You may be able to name the world's tallest mountain, and the longest river. But can you name the second longest river, the second least densely populated country, and so on? Try this challenging free crossword puzzle and find out!

World Capitals - Travel around the world as you supply the name of the country that matches each capital city.  It sounds like a challenge, doesn't it, to both name and spell each country? But it may not be as difficult as you think! How long will it take you to sail through this crossword? 

More Ideas:

In addition to brain teaser worksheets, be sure to use quick-thinking brain teaser questions, too, to keep students alert and challenged. Open-ended questions that have multiple correct answers are especially good.

While you're here, please take a look around the site. It's full of helpful resources for teachers, parents, students, professionals and everyone who's keen on Spelling Words Well!

Try the Fun Brain Games on my other web site!


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