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Brain Teasers for Adults

business woman looking up, thinking

You'll find brain teasers for adults in lots of places, but you won't find ones like this one anywhere else! Upper grade students will also enjoy taking on this challenge. 

Review those spelling demons, put on your thinking caps, and dive in!

The Message

detective with large magnifying glass

Ms. Fox hired the brilliant Detective Sneak to investigate a worker in one of her factories. When she asked for a written report, the detective wrote the following letter. He included a secret message within the note. Can you uncover it?

Printable messages

Hint: Identify the misspelled words first. If you need another hint, check the link below The Reply.

Dear Ms. Fox,

I have concluded my investigation of the lackadasical person on your payrole. As I predicted, you have been more than magnanamous. You have continued to pay Mr. Oscar Smith, even when he continualy made inferior products and failed to make appearances at work on schedeule.

Each of your employes need to know that you value responsible, conscientious workers. When you take the appropriate action, releiving Oscar of his dutties, workers will respect your decision.

Yours truly,
Detective Sam Sneak

P.S. I trust you will uncover and heed the hidden message so that further contact from me will not be necessary.

The Reply

woman writing at her desk

Here is Ms. Fox's  response. Can you find her hidden message? Hint: The misspelled words are also important here, but she used a different method of hiding her real point.

Dear Detective Sneak,

Thank you for the stupendus work you performed for me. My workers will now expect me to check occassionally on the quality of their work. That is truely a good thing.

In hindsite, perhaps I should have dismissed Mr. Smith earlier. The accomodations I made for him were, as you stated, quite generous.

Ms. Fox

P.S. I received a very interesting mail broshure from your agency today.

Hints for both messages

Check your answers quickly here, or see the printable version for a complete explanation.

The Message - PAY ME NOW


Printable answers and explanations

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