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Fun Brain Teasers

Use these fun brain teasers in your spare moments to give your kids a laugh...and some challenging spelling and vocabulary practice, too! These teasers contain fun with double-meaning words and lots more. 

Teachers: ALWAYS try the teasers yourself before assigning them to your students. There are two great reasons for doing so:

1) You'll discover if a puzzle is at the correct difficulty level for your students

2) You'll anticipate questions and obstacles your students may face. For instance, you'll already know that kids may get "tripped up" by a particularly tricky question, because you've already answered it yourself! You'll also have a good idea of how to coach your students around those obstacles. 

Fun Brain Teasers

Here's a peek at the printable version. The full text is shown below. 

Fun Brain Teasers for Students

Double-Meaning Words

Girl asleep, with her head in a book

1. What can be right but never wrong?

2. What is a good thing to part with?

3. What part of a book do you sleep under?

4. If you were stuck in a room with only a bed and a calendar, what could you eat and drink?

Word Play Fun

Glasses and big nose

5. Why is S a scary letter?

6. What is it that loses an eye and has nothing left but a nose?

7. Make one word from the letters in NEW DOOR.

8. Start with GUESS. Replace the two matching letters with the one letter that follows it in the alphabet. Replace the second vowel in the word with the first vowel in the alphabet. Replace the first two letters with WH.  Spell the new word.

Tea Party

race car driver

Find a word for each item that ends with the sound of tea.

Example: What tea should a dishonest person drink? HONESTY

9. What tea should race car drivers drink?

10. What tea should a professor drink?

11. What tea should tardy people drink?

12. What tea should a dentist drink?

1. an angle
2. a comb
3. the cover
4. Water from the springs and dates from the calendar
5. Because it always makes cream scream!
6. Noise. Take out the I and you’ll spell NOSE.
7. Rearrange the letters to spell ONE WORD.
8. GUESS becomes WHAT.

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Are you ready for a FUN challenge?

Find more Great Brain Teasers at Word-Game-World!


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