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Word Brain Teasers : Magic Word Squares

Word brain teasers are fun for all ages, and even young learners can complete the magic word squares on this page! We've made these squares quite easy so that young spellers can successfully complete them.  Puzzles get gradually harder throughout the page.

Be sure to use the printable version to enable easy puzzle-solving for kids.

Magic Word Squares

Take a look at the first printable page of my Magic Word Squares. Scroll down to see all 7 squares, or click on the printable version. These are FUN to solve, and FUN to share!

Printable version of all 7 word brain teasers


Magic Word Squares 1 from www.spelling-words-well.com
magician pulling rabbit out of a hat

You can see in this magic word square that the same words are spelled across and down. 

magic word square

Try to pull off some magic of your own and complete 7 more magic word squares!

1. Use the letters E, E, N, N, N, O, O, T and W to complete this magic square. Use the clues to spell three words.

magic word square

     A. two thousand pounds
     B. a number less than 2
     C. not old

2.  Complete this magic square using only the clues.

3 x 3 empty magic word square

       A. bashful
       B. a tool used in the garden
       C. opposite of no 

3.  Try another one!

3 x 3 empty magic word square

        A. to question
        B. to look
        C. used to unlock a door

4.  How quickly can you solve this brain teaser?

magic word square

        A. the ocean
        B. used for hearing
        C. what Noah built

5.  For your last 3 x 3 magic square, place these letters without using any clues:
     N, O, O, O,  T, W, W, W, W

3 x 3 empty diagram for letters

6. Next, try a 4 x 4 magic square.

4 x 4 empty diagram

       A. loose material at the beach
       B. part of a surface
       C. tidy
       D. the day, month and year

7. Here's the last of our word brain teasers in this set. Use the clues to complete this 4 x 4 square:

4 x 4 empty diagram

     A. two of these make a quart
     B. a mental picture
     C. part of the body below the head
     D. to receive something from someone else

You may want to try more Difficult Magic Word Squares.  If the squares on this page were way to easy for you, we think you'll love the ones on this page!

Now challenge your students to write their own 3 x 3 and 4 x 4 word squares. Ask them to write a clue for each word they use. What better way to stretch spelling and vocabulary skills?

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