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Logic Brain Teasers

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If you enjoy solving logic brain teasers, you must try this one! You'll need to know the correct spellings of several tricky words, plus you'll need to read carefully, and -- of course -- use skills in logic and critical thinking.


Read the statements below to find out who went where, and when. Please note:

  • If there are no misspellings in a statement, the statement is true.
  • If there is one misspelling in a statement, the statement may or may not be true.
  • If there are two or more misspellings in a statement, the statement is false.

After reading the statements, try to answer all the questions!

Travel Logic Brain Teaser

Travel Teaser - one of the Logic Brain Teasers at www.spelling-words-well.com

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1. A millionnaire flew from Cincinnati to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on February 19.

2. A chauffeur, for hygienic reasons, only travels by car. He drove from Chicago to Milwaukee on August 21.   

 3. A corporate executive visited important clientel in Los Angelos on
September 26.

map of Michigan

4. A fiesty group of Boy Scouts went canoeing in Michigan on July 17.

5. Forteen writers of great notoriety signed autographs in Honolulu on
August 15.  

6. If the millionaire went to Pittsburg on Febuary 19, then the chauffeur did not go to Milwaukee on August 21. 

7. The president of the City Counsel, Ms. Smith, traveled by train on June 5 to her ninteenth class reunion.

8. Four security guards, who were recipients of awards for conducting outstanding surveillance, flew to Michigan on July 17.

9. On August 15, fifty foreign familar bull fighters, who were both famous and famished, found fine food upon their arrival in Honolulu.

10. The corporate executive perceived their was trouble in his company back in Sacramento, so he returned to the company from Los Angeles on September 27. 


red question mark

A. If only one group of people went to Michigan on July 17, which group was it?

B. Who may have gone to Honolulu on August 15?

C. Is #10 true or false?

D. Did the woman go to her class reunion on the June 5?

E. Did the man go to Milwaukee on August 21?

Check your Answers!

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