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A Crossword Puzzle Free for You!

Pig Jigs

pig looking up over its pen

What's better than a crossword puzzle free, fun and educational? Use this in your classroom for some Friday fun, or anytime at home or in the office. Don't  miss the entertaining "Digging Deeper" challenge that's just  below the puzzle. 


 A "dance for hogs" could be called a PIG JIG. (See Clue 37 Down).  A mystery about a violin could be called a FIDDLE RIDDLE. Do you have the idea now?

Find a rhyming pair of words for each of these 45 definitions. When you enter your answers in the crossword, do not leave spaces between words.

If you get stuck on an answer, move on to another clue. You’ll supply letters that will help you find other answers. Take a look at the printable pages. Scroll down further to read the full text of the clues.

 Printable Version and Answer

Pig Jig free crossword puzzle clues and instructions
PigJig free crossword puzzle diagram


1.   The route for an equine race

8.  A tall tale about a farm building

9.   Slime inhabited by web-footed birds

11.  Final actors

13.  Opening in a male pig’s pen

14.  The perfect stature

17.  An animal doctor

18.  Shrewd detective

22.  Twisted penny

26.  A pulpy adventure

27.  An extra seat

30.  Carriage for certain insects

32.  An angry boy

33.  A simple locomotive

34.  Footwear adhesive

38.  Best harvest of grain

39.  A cozy carpet

40.  Favorite visitor

41.  A tidy avenue

42.  A spicy place

43.  A skinny smile


2.   A wise beginning

3.   24 hours of fun time

4.   Short sorrow

5.   A silent piccolo

6.   A 50% giggle

7.   Wisecrack about a hen’s egg

10.  A nice number

12.  Chief of police

13.  A meat burglar

15.  Carnival for grizzlies

16.  Pale wall covering

19.  A solar joke

20.  A colorful mattress

21.  Metal sleigh

22.  A huge truck

23.  An angry employer

24.  Agricultural enchantment

25.  An evening airplane trip

28.  A flaw in a safe

29.  A plastic pond

31.  Insect embrace

35.  Scalding kettle

36.  An airplane collection

37. Hog dance

Digging a Little Deeper...

Unscramble the letters in the BLACK boxes above to spell one more "Pig Jig."

Clue: An inmate convicted of stealing a certain kind of fruit

Answer: __ __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __ __

Scroll down for the answer. 

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