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Easy Crossword Puzzles Printable for Your Convenience

Don't be tied to your device. Use our easy crossword puzzles printable for your convenience -- at home or in the classroom! This one features some interesting double letter words. 

Seeing Double

Two kookaburras facing each other

You’ll be seeing lots of double letters as you solve this crossword. In fact, each answer has two pairs of double letters! Answers include plants, animals, locations, and a few proper nouns. You’ll also find a few spelling demons along the way.

So sharpen your vision, pour yourself some coffee or cappuccino, and dive right in!  

Printable Version and Answers

"Seeing Double" one of our favorite crossword puzzles printable


2.   Having the power to review the decisions of a lower court

5.   Long, loose-fitting dress, often brightly colored

7.   Long-legged wading bird with long, flat bill

8.   A clip or bar used for holding a girl’s or woman’s hair in place

9.   An edible, acidic, round fruit that is sometimes prickly

11.  A bag of tough, light material that can be filled with air or heated gas so it will rise and float, often used as a toy or decoration

12.  To have as property

13.  A group of persons designated to investigate, report on or act upon a specific matter

16.  A plant-eating insect with long hind legs used for leaping

18.  A game known as soccer in the U.S., but by this name in Europe

20.  A container to spit into

21.  Popular tape for music recordings, prior to CDs

23.  To make uncomfortably self-conscious

25.  Rumor, gossip

28.  A river in Myanmar (Burma)

30.  A North American bird with two black bands on its white breast

33.  In music, a tempo that is not as fast as allegro

34.  A non-essential item that adds beauty or convenience to something else

36.  Person who clowns around by telling jokes, making odd gestures, etc.

37.  Part of Los Angeles, CA; center of the American film industry

38.  To pamper or overprotect

39.  To keep from being known


1.   A type of large kangaroo with a reddish-gray coat

3.   To find out or decide the importance, size or value of something

4.   A globe-shaped fungi that gives off a cloud of spores when touched

6.   A large pad on which to sleep

10.  An Australian bird having a loud cry that sounds like laughter

11.  A kind of fragile Irish porcelain

14.  Medium-sized sofa with arms and a back

15.  A mark on the body, made by using a needle to put pigment under the skin

17.  Directions for the delivery of mail

19.  Something that happens; an event

22.  A nocturnal bird with a loud repeated call that sounds like its name

24.  October 31

26.  A round, iron missile, designed to be fired from a certain large mounted gun

27.  Both pleasant and painful

29.  A city in SW Tennessee

31.  A small gray mammal with black mask

32.  A person who sings ballads

35.  The accomplishment of one’s goals

Digging a Little Deeper...

What words can you list that contain THREE sets of double letters? HINT: two appear in the easy crossword puzzles printable above.   Scroll down to the blue answer button for some possible answers. 

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Author Ann Richmond Fisher

Ann Richmond Fisher is a longtime published educational writer, a former classroom teacher and a former homeschool teacher. Ann's spelling bee resources, graded spelling word lists, spelling games, worksheets, and other language arts resources have become respected around the globe since she launched Spelling-Words-Well in 2010.

Ann is also the creator of www.word-game-world.com.

From the puzzle, committee and whippoorwill. Also, addressee, bookkeeper, aggressiveness, barrenness, successfully, woodenness, suddenness, sleeplessness, and others.


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