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Middle School Writing Prompts

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Use these middle school writing prompts to bolster your students' interest in writing. These thought-provoking prompts are sure to spur some original, creative responses!

middle school writing prompts

Printable Version

Text from the Printable Page:

If you don't require the illustrated printable page, here is the text from this set of middle school writing prompts:

girl running late into school

1. When might it be advantageous to be late for school?

2. Of what achievement are you the most proud? Why?

3. If you could travel anywhere around the world, what souvenir would you like to buy?

4. Describe a situation in which perseverance is required.

 5. Write ten sentences about things a meticulous person might do.

identical twin boys in blue shirts

6. Would you like to have an identical twin? Why or why not?

 7. What is the most bizarre thing that has even happened to you?

 8. Suppose that instead of making quick decisions, you often vacillate between two options. Think of a system that could help you make good decisions. Describe the system.

 9. Why would a pedestrian walk halfway across the street, stop, turn around and go back? List three different reasons. 

cat with dog in its mouth

10. Write one paragraph about a mischievous cat.

11. It’s your birthday, and your friends are throwing some unusual confetti. What is the confetti made from? Why did your friends do this?

 12. Your friend has never been to an amusement park. What rides do you recommend that he try? Which ones should he avoid? Why?  

Suggestions for using these middle school writing prompts:

  • Please note that each prompt contains one or more bold faced words. These bold words appear on our 7th and 8th grade spelling word lists. 
  • When you assign these prompts, you may wish to require your middle schoolers to include the bold word at least once or twice in their responses.
  •  You may wish to assign one prompt to every student by posting it in a prominent place in your classroom each week.
  • Or, you may wish to pass out the entire printable list of prompts to students. Then you can allow them to select one prompt  at a time of their choice on which to write.
  • Use these middle school writing prompts and these fifth grade writing prompts.

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