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Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook!

My new Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook is bursting with 20 brand-new puzzles on all sorts of topics, written with a wide range of skill levels!

Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook cover, by Ann Richmond Fisher

Are You Looking For A Change?

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Do you need some fresh take-home materials?

Or some engaging in-class activities?

How about a fun way to practice reading, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling?

Crossword puzzles meet all these challenges and more! Kids love a puzzle-y format every now and then, in place of a traditional worksheet.

You'll love using these 20 fresh, new crossword puzzles for kids in grades 3-5!

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In fact, most of the puzzles have clues at two levels so that two groups of kids can solve the SAME PUZZLE. Children that need extra help will have extra hints. Others who perform higher with spelling and vocabulary exercises will not have those prompts. 

And did I mention, these puzzles are FUN????!!!

Take a Look at the Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook!

The 20 puzzles in this new collection of Crossword Puzzles for Kids are engaging, appropriate for grades 3-5 and very fun!

Pages 15-16 of the new Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook
Pages 47-48 of the new Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook

Puzzle titles include: Body Parts, Double-Letter Animals, Find It On the Map, Musical Instruments, What Do You Need?, Things on Wheels, Compound Confusion, It Grows On Trees, The End, and 11 more!

Think of a Word...

Think of a Word is one of my favorite crosswords in this book.

Think of a Word Crossword Puzzle

 Can you think of a word that rhymes with CLAM and is the name for a very young sheep? 

The answer, of course, is LAMB. 

Crossword Clues page

You'll have your choice of two different "clues" pages for this puzzle. 

In Clues(1), your kids have the benefit of a word box from which to choose their answers. 

Crossword Clues page

In Clues (2), they will need to find the answers on their own.

See how simple it is to accommodate different skill levels on these FUN crossword puzzles for kids?!?

Another Crossword

This Colorful Coded Crossword Puzzle has just one set of clues. Everyone needs to use the same letter code to spell the names of twenty different color words. 

Crosswords for Kids, page 52
Crosswords for Kids, page 53

All of this fun "work" gives kids invaluable practice in spelling and vocabulary. 

These pages make ideal work-from-home assignments or in-class enrichment work. 

You'll turn to this wide-ranging collection again and again during the school year. Maybe you'll want to use these with your own kids, too!

Look at these sample pages and see for yourself! See the benefits and the fun packed inside each of the 20 crossword puzzles for kids!

View Sample Pages Here

Get Your Copy Today!

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I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, former classroom and home school teacher and longtime educational publisher. Thanks for stopping by to consider this awesome new collection of FUN crossword puzzles for kids!

While you're here, please take a look at the rest of my website where you'll find nearly 400 pages of free, quality spelling content! Please contact me if you have any questions. 


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