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102 Frequently Misspelled Words

102 frequently misspelled words

What are your most frequently misspelled words? Every writer, of almost every age, has some. 

We've compiled our own list of most frequently misspelled words, based on several reference books and our own experiences. To keep our list relatively short, we've included the words you're most likely to use in everyday writing.

because misspelled - crossed out

Also, we've include just one form of several troublesome words. For example, we included recommend, but not recommended, recommending, and recommendation. Check our our quick quiz just below this list.

Printable list of our 102 Frequently Misspelled Words

absence excellent pneumonia
accidentally excitement possess
accommodate experience practically
achieve familiar preferred
acquaintance fascinate privilege
against favorite probably
a lot February raspberry
already finally realize
argument foreign receive
attendance friend recommend
because government remember
beginning grammar restaurant
believe guarantee rhythm
business height ridiculous
calendar immediately schedule
cemetery independent scissors
chief instead separate
committee interrupt similar
conscience judgment sincerely
convenience leisure straight
courageous library strengthen
criticize lightning studying
decision lonely summarize
definitely lying surprise
desperately millionaire thorough
dictionary mischievous tomorrow
different necessary truly
disease niece until
doesn't noticeable vacuum
embarrass occasion vegetable
enough occurred Wednesday
environment opposite weight
especially particular weird
exaggerate physical yacht

Quick Quiz:

Which of these words are spelled incorrectly? Do you know how
to fix them?

pointed ink pen writing in cursive on paper

1. superintendant
2. aquire
3. counterfiet
4. equiped
5. labortory

Scroll down for the answers.

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Quick Quiz Answers:

All five are misspelled. Here are the correct spellings:
1. superintendent   2. acquire  3. counterfeit  4. equipped  5. laboratory


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