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100 Tricky Elementary Spelling Words

list of 100 Elementary Spelling Words

By mastering key elementary spelling words early, elementary students  can achieve success and build confidence!

Many common elementary spelling words contain silent consonants, irregular vowels, or other tricky spellings.  Students often need a little extra practice reading, writing and spelling these words.

We've chosen 100 of these words. Print the list to use and study with your students.  Use these words frequently in homework, board work and other classroom activities. 

Your kids will get an extra spelling boost as they master these important words!

Printable list of 100 Elementary Spelling Words

again although answer any
are become been both
bought catch climbed color
come could country do
does door earth edge
eight enough example eyes
father few find four
friend from give great
group have heard island
kind knew know learn
listen live many measure
most mother move night
off often old on
once one only other
people picture piece quickly
right said science should
sign snow some straight
stretch sure talk their
there they though thought
through to today two
usually walk want was
watch water were what
where who women word
work world would write
wrote you young your

More Elementary Spelling Words

Third grade girl with laptop, raising her hand, and spelling words aloud

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Spelling Practice Ideas

Your students need lots and lots of practice when learning new spelling words. Why not make it fun? Use the links above and tabs on the left to find resources for your grade.

Or, look at some of our most popular practice activities here:

board game package with spelling errors

Wacky packages! - Find the spelling errors on these whimsical boxes. One of our most popular pages!

Silent Letter Search: Word search fun! Students must add the correct silent letters and then locate the completed words in the puzzle.

crossword diagram

Spelling crossword puzzle - This puzzle provides a fun way to practice spelling those tricky plural nouns.

Roll It! - Easy-to-make spelling word games. Roll the consonants around the tube to spell new words. Great at home or at school.

classroom of students sitting at tables

Double the Fun - To double or not to double the final consonant when adding a suffix? Another great game for spelling fun!  For grades 3 - 5.

We also recommend this set of over 300 fun online learning games  offered by one of our affiliates.

Spelling Bee Games - Try one of our new Silent Spelling Bee  variations. A fun--and quiet--twist on  a classic game!

Shady Spelling - Printable game boards for two players.

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