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Free Worksheets for Kids
for FUN spelling practice!

These free worksheets for kids feature fun packages that are full of spelling errors. And you may have noticed that kids love to find other people's mistakes! You may want to browse the graphics right here, but for best results, use the printable version for your students.

On the printable version, students are asked to circle the mistakes on the package, and write the misspelled words correctly in the blanks.

#1 Uncel Joes' Waffels

(In the title alone, there are 3 mistakes!)

Printable version

box of frozen waffels with lots of spelling errors
Correctly spelled words are: 1. Ready  2. one minute  3. Made  
4. whole  5. your   6. Uncle  7. Joe's  8. Waffles  9. There's  
10. better 11. than  12. waking  13. breakfast  14. weight  15. oz.

#2   Worlds' Best Bored Game

Once again, you should be able to spot some errors in the title!

Printable version

board game package with spelling errors
Correctly spelled words are   1. First  2. You'll  3. trouble  4. having
5. World's  6. Board  7. it's   8. checkers  9. families  10. everyone
11. guess  12. pieces  13. spinner  14. gameboard  15. instructions

Note: Many of the spelling errors here are due to problems with homonyms. We have detailed help on improving spelling by learning to use homonyms correctly.

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