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Number Spelling

Cartoony numbers 1, 2, and 3

Number spelling expertise requires learning the correct spellings of some tricky number words.  We've created a free, printable chart of many frequently-used number words that will help you to learn these words.

You may also enjoy this crossword of number words. 

Another great way to practice number spellings is with this fun word scramble page. 

Number Spelling Scramble

Here's a peek at the printable page.  The entire text also appears below. 

Number Spelling Scramble printable page from www.spelling-words-well.com

1. v e n s e                   

2. t h i g e  

3. h e r e t                     

4. v l e e w t  

 5. t e x n i s e                 

6. t n i h n           

7.  e f f i  h i t t           

8. d o s e n c  

 9.  d u r e n h d             

10. t y o r f  

 11. e n e t e n n i           

12. e h i h t t t i r 

 13. l e e n t v e h

14. t h i g e e t h i 

15. s h o a n d u t   

1. seven 2. eight 3. three 4. twelve 5. sixteen 6. ninth 7. fiftieth 8. second 9. hundred 10. forty 11. nineteen 12. thirtieth 13. eleventh 14. eightieth 15. thousand

More Number Spelling Practice 

Generally, the trickiest numbers are those with FOUR, FIVE, EIGHT and NINE.

Cartoony number four

Why? It's because some FOUR words are spelled with U, and others are not. Make an effort to learn FOUR, FOURTH and FOURTEEN with U. Then remember that FORTY and FORTIETH do not contain U. 

Cartoony number five

The only FIVE word with a V is FIVE. It changes to a F in FIFTH, FIFTEEN, FIFTY and FIFTIETH. 

Cartoony number eight

Some of the EIGHT words are just plain awkward!  The word EIGHTH is especially confusing. The word ends in TH, but the T is already there, so simply add H at the end of EIGHT.  Add simple endings for EIGHTEEN and EIGHTY. Then change the Y in EIGHTY to and I to spell EIGHTIETH. 

The only NINE word without an E is the word NINTH.  Use the E for NINETEEN and NINETY. 

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Chart for the correct spellings of number words

Remember to check out my free, printable number word chart for quick reference.  You'll also find lots of tips for the correct spelling of numbers on that page.