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1st Grade Worksheets for Spelling, Reading and Writing Practice

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These 1st grade worksheets are the very best kind! They help students learn, they're easy to use, they're reusable, and they're free!

Using word families is a fun way for 1st graders to learn to spell, read and write. So we've created these special worksheets to make it easy for you to use word families, whether you're a classroom teacher, homeschool teacher or a parent who wants extra activities to do at home.

Word Family Worksheet

Some popular word families for 1st grade worksheets include: ab, ag, all, an, and, at, en, end, et, ig, ill, in, it, op, ot, ug, un, and ut.

Word Family 1st Grade Worksheet


1. First open the printable worksheet.

2. Before you print, please note the box at the top of the page. You can type in the word family of your choice. Or you can print out the page as is and let the student add the name of the word family. (The box will disappear when you print.)

3. Print the worksheet.

4. Go over the directions with the student. Depending on the word family you choose, the student may or may not use all the blanks provided in which to spell the words.

Book Template

You may want to extend this activity using this booklet template:

Template for student word family booklet

6. Again, open the printable template and add the name of the word family, if you like.  (Notice the printable version includes a second page of manuscript lines for the inside of the booklet.) Before printing, set your printer to LANDSCAPE.  Select "Print on both sides" to produce a blank booklet that's ready to go.

7. Print. (Pretty simple, eh?)

8. Again, be sure your student understands what to do in each section of the booklet.

9. Encourage your young authors to show off their work with pride!

Remember, you can use these templates over and over throughout the year, with any word family you like!

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First Grade Word Lists

Make sure your students practice words from all of these lists:

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