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Alphabet Phonics

Kids will love to learn as they complete our alphabet phonics booklet! This easy-to-assemble A to Z phonics activity can be customized by each child.

This is a great activity to complete at home or at school. Follow our step-by-step instructions for a great finished project!

Make an Alphabet Phonics Booklet

Here are two sample pages from the booklet. You may view all of the pages by opening the printable file. See the directions below.

alphabet phonics booklet pages


1) Print a cover on construction paper for each student. Ask each child to complete the cover by adding his name and date. You may also want to ask students to write all the letters of the alphabet around the outside border of the cover.

alphabet phonics booklet cover

2) Print a set of alphabet pages for each student.

3) Give each child a half page, whole page or several pages, as you like.

4) For each letter, the child will:

  • Print each upper and lower case letter in the faint outline
  • Say the sound for each letter. (We've used short vowel sounds, and the "hard" sounds for C and G.)
  • Read -- or say -- the name of each object shown.
  • Draw another object that starts with the same letter. Say its name.
letters of the alphabet

5) When the child has completed all the letters from A to Z, trim all of the half-pages to the same size. Keep the width of the pages as they are, but trim the tops and bottoms as desired.

6) Carefully punch two holes in the wide left margins of the cover and pages. Be sure your pages are aligned.  String the pages together, with the cover, with a long ribbon or string. Tie the ribbon on the front of the booklet securely.

7) Encourage the child to review the booklet often, saying the names and sounds of each letter, and the names of objects on each page.

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