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Alphabet Worksheets

These alphabet worksheets are easy for students to use, and they provide important letter practice! Kids will have the opportunity to identify matching upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet. They will practice all 26 letters on each worksheet. 

Here are Spelling-Words-Well, all of our worksheets are free!

Upper and Lower Matching

Ask students to find and circle the matching lowercase letter for each uppercase letter. The first one is done as an example. Students will need to pay close attention on some lines to find the correct letter. For instance, the letters b and d are frequently confused. This is a good time to work on similarly confusing letter pairs.

Printable Worksheet

Alphabet worksheets - Match the correct lowercase letter for each uppercase letter of the alphabet at www.spelling-words-well.com

Lower and Upper Matching

This time, turn the tables! Ask kids to find and circle the correct uppercase letter for each lowercase letter. Notice that some of the choices are tricky.  

Printable Worksheet

Alphabet worksheets - Match the correct uppercase letter for each lowercase letter of the alphabet at www.spelling-words-well.com

More Alphabet Worksheets

You may also find these printables to be helpful. Each one provides practice with the ABCs in a slightly different, but always FUN manner!

ABC Fill-In worksheet from www.spelling-words-well.com

ABC Fill-In On each of these pages, students need to supply the missing letters of the alphabet. Then they will read and spell three kid-friendly words and find those letters in the alphabet path. One page features lowercase letters, the other page, uppercase ones.

What's Cooking? Three cut-and-paste worksheets require kids to sort capital letters from lower letters.

ABC Puzzlers, including a dot-to-dot of the ABCs

ABC Puzzlers: This free alphabet worksheet asks kids to complete a dot-to-dot. They must connect the letters of the alphabet in order.  At the bottom of the page, they will again practice the correct order of the letters in a brand-new type of puzzle.

Alphabet printables: All spelling begins with letters. These worksheets cover ABC order for beginners.  Page one has letters for kids to cut out, then paste in order. Page two, shown here, has missing beginning consonants, and a challenge to rewrite the words in ABC order. Adult help may be needed. 

"Word Match" Printable Preschool Worksheets from www.spelling-words-well.com

Word Match Worksheets - Two printable preschool worksheets in which young learners match the picture/word to the identical word. These pages teach visual discrimination and the reading of simple words. 

Other ABC Activities

Don't depend only on worksheets for learning and reinforcement. Be sure to use games and other participation activities. Here are a few ideas.

Memory Match, one of our free ABC games

Memory Matches - Use a familiar format to give kids lots of practice in matching pictures the beginning letters. Our free printable playing cards for the entire alphabet makes it easy. It's a fun, free ABC game!

Free Alphabet Games - "Secret Letters" and "Order, Please!"  Two easy games to play with a group of early learners.

A pickle

A Pickle or a Tickle:  Fun preschool game for children! Your students will need to listen carefully to initial consonant sounds as they play these entertaining games.

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