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1st Grade Writing Prompts

Try some new 1st grade writing prompts to get your early learners on the right track for writing! These interesting scenarios include realistic and make-believe events. Fun clip art makes the prompts come alive!

list of 1st grade writing prompts

Text from the Printable Page

If you don't require the illustrated printable page, here is the text from this set of 1st grade writing prompts. Note that each prompt contains a bold word, from our 1st grade spelling words.

See my suggestions below for using these prompts. Make sure students understand that some of these prompts are about pretend situations, such as #1, 5, 8 and others on this page.

frog sticking foot in water

1. What would you like to ask this green frog?

 2. Name the four animals you like the best.

 3. Would you like to climb a tall tree? Why or why not?

man looking at hand

4. What can you wear on your hand?

 5. Suppose you rode on a magic bus. Where would like to you go?

 6. What can you say to someone who is sad to make them feel better?

7. Is the sky always blue? Why or why not?


8. What would happen if one of your toys came to life? Write two sentences.

 9. What do you like about first grade?

brown dog

10. What is a good name for this brown dog? Write two sentences about him.

 11. Name two things that you own but you do not need.

 12. What job would you like to have someday?

Want more? Here are 12 more first grade writing prompts!

Tips for using these 1st grade writing prompts:

  • For extra spelling practice, ask students to use the words in BOLD at least once or twice in each piece that they write. 
  • Encourage kids to illustrate their work.
  • When appropriate, post student work on a classroom display. Be sure they've had the opportunity to edit their work before posting it.

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