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Easy Printable Crossword Puzzles

Word Families

Colorful paper cutout of a family

Easy printable crossword puzzles are a fun way to sneak in some more spelling and vocabulary practice in the classroom. They're also great to solve together as a family!

Word Families

Each clue contains words in BOLD that belong to the same family. The missing word also belongs to that word family. Figure out the missing word and add it to the crossword puzzle.

Use the crossword diagram to help you find the number of letters in each answer. Note: Some of the answers have two syllables. 

Printable Crossword and Answers

Easy printable crossword puzzles, featuring word families. From www.spelling-words-well.com


2.  Speaking as your guest, I like your orange ___ the best.

4.  The bride could not ___ how wide her dress should be.

6.  The noisy ___ keep me from sleep.

7.  When we awoke to ___, we broke open the   window.  

8. The clump of flowers grew by the tree ___. 

9.  I need to dash out for some ___ to buy some    hash browns.

11. I thought we ___ to have bought the apples,          not the pears.

13.  These ___ rolls of twine are mine.

14.  Hank ___ enough water to fill a large fish tank!

16. Please spray the serving ___, okay?

17. Do you have the right ___ for fixing this stool?


1. Can you smile while you ___ those papers.

3. There's a ___ by the rake, for goodness' sake!

5.  The ___ is on the log in the bog.        

6.  The truck driver became ___ in the muck.

7.   Do you know about the water ___ that spews out trout?

Red balloon on a string

8. It's not a chore or a bore to look for shells on the ___.

10. Please ___ the snacks inside your backpack.

12. It's a delight to go on a flight at ___,

15. Soon it will be ___, then we will release this balloon.

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