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Spelling Puzzles

Spelling puzzles are a great way for students to have fun while learning important spelling words and language concepts.  Our puzzles and worksheets are all printable and free.

Spelling Puzzles : Plurals Crossword

two cute sheep

In this spelling worksheet, the solver must supply the correct plural form for the noun given in each clue.  

For the clue hero, for example, solver would write heroes into the puzzle grid.  Or for sheep, the solver would write sheep!

Printable Version                 Answers

Spelling Puzzles- Plural noun crossword



2.   buzz

3.   potato

4.   sheep

7.   echo

8.   woman

11. loaf

13. leaf

15. goose

16. city

20. baby

21. radio

23. donkey

25. tomato

26. guy

27. child

30. dress

31. elf

32. dish


1.   wolf

2.   bush

5.   photo

6.   man

9.   moose

10. half

12. scissors

14. deer

17. turkey

18. mouse

19. foot

22. fox

24. knife

26. glass

27. calf

28. tooth

29. ox

Spelling rules used in this crossword include...

  • Nouns ending in y after a vowel form the  plural by adding s
  • Nouns ending in after a consonant form the plural by changing the y to i and adding es;
  • Nouns ending in ch, s, sh, x or z form the plural by adding es
  • Most nouns ending in f or fe form the plural by changing the f or fe to v and adding es

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