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Word Scramble Games

Let's Play!

Big toy truck, from our

You'll find several easy word scramble games here. This page is all about TOYS! Solve it with your child or use it in the classroom. 

Scroll down to find links to some of our more difficult scramble puzzles. 

Let's Play!

Unscramble the names of these well-known toys.

Printable Version and Answers 

Here are the scrambled words from the printable page

1. l a l b

2. s c a j k

3. l o l d

4. c r k u t

5. o t p

6. s m a b e l r

7. s c l o k b

8. k i e b

9. s h e w i t l

10. z u p l e z

Extension activities

1. Talk with your child about his or her favorite toys. Write the names of  five of those toys on a piece of paper. Work with your child to scramble those words. Give the list of five scrambled words to another family member to solve.

2. Choose another category of familiar words, such as animals or foods. Together, write a list of 5 -10 of these words. Help your child make a scrambled word list for another friend or family member to unscramble. 

More Word Scramble Games

Down on the Farm - A simple list of ten common sights on a farm. Let your child try to solve them alone, or work together. Great for family time or in the classroom. 

Halloween Word Scramble

Halloween Word Scramble  Just in time for Halloween, here's an eye-catching new word scramble that's suitable for classroom parties, family night, or just about any other Halloween event. It includes 12 not-too-scary ages, making it appropriate for all ages. 

Number Spelling Scramble - Students will practice the correct spellings of some tricky number words with this fun page

Barrel of monkeys, from  our scrambled animal crossword puzzle at www.spelling-words-well.com

Scrambled Animals Crossword - Unscramble the names of 15 well-known animals and write them correctly into the puzzle. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Red and gray calendar

Mixed Up Dates Unscramble these important words from the calendar. You use these almost every day, so you should be able to solve these quickly, right? Find the puzzle on my other site.

Why Use Printable Word Scrambles in the Classroom?

Word scramble puzzles are fun for most students. They enjoy the "puzzling" aspect of trying to find the solution. And, best of all, students practice important spelling skills while they are rearranging letters and forming new words! 

More Difficult Scrambles

old movie projector

Movie Mix-Up For a change of pace, why not try your hand at unscrambling the titles of 10 classic films from the 1930s-1960s? Solve these with a friend or family member for extra fun!

Gray opposite arrows, from our printable words scramble,

Opposites Unscramble 16 words, then match each on up to an opposite that's also in the list. Fun two-part activity for extra vocab practice!

Globe of the world

Asian Cities Word Scramble: How well do you know your cities of the world? If you're ready for a challenge, test your knowledge of cities in Asia. Unscramble each one and name the country in which each city is located in this puzzle from my other website. 

Need Help???

Red help button

Word Scramble Help  We all get stuck at times, trying to solve word scramble games. I've supplied four practical word-solving tips, along with specific examples, to assist you in solving those extra-challenging words. 


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