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Roll-It example from www.spelling-words-well.com

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This game/activity can be used over and over.  As a teacher or parent, you know that if you can make a one game and use it lots of times, your efforts are multiplied.  That's a very good thing!

I'll show you what I mean with this fun, new game!

Roll It!

In this activity, you (or your students) can make many different rolls, starting with empty toilet paper rolls. With each roll, your child can spell many words.

Here’s how to make one complete roll. You’ll want to make many more sets.

supplies for making Roll It game


  • 1 empty toilet paper roll
  • A strip of colored paper (about 1 ½” wide and 6 ½ “ long)
  • Marker
  • Stapler
  • Paper and pencil

1. Near the right side of the toilet paper roll, use the marker to write the endings of three different word families. In my example, I used an, in and en.

2. Write 3 different consonants on the paper strip. I wrote f, p and t.

3. Staple the ends of the paper strip together to make a ring that slips easily over the end of the toilet paper roll.

example of a completed Roll It game

4. Place the paper ring on the left-hand  side of the tube.

5. Ask your child to select one word ending. Then ask her to turn the paper ring to form three new words. (Not every combination will make an actual word.)  If the letters spell a real word, instruct her to write the word on her paper.

Encourage kids to use the words they spell in sentences, both orally and written.

6. When she is finished with the first word ending, ask her to roll the larger tube to find the next word ending. Continue in the same manner for all three endings.

In my example, I can spell:
fan, pan, tan, fin, pin, tin, pen, and ten.

To Make This Into a Game...

Prepare more toilet paper tubes and colored paper rings as instructed above. You’ll need at least one set per player. Place the tubes and rings in a large paper bag. Ask each player to randomly choose one toilet paper tube and one paper ring from the bag.

On your signal, each player places his paper ring on his roll and tries to write as many words as possible on his paper that can be spelled using his game pieces. Stop the game when you think players have had enough time to finish. The player with the most correct words wins the round.

After making "Roll-It," you'll have more ideas for making spelling games activities, worksheets and more! Be sure to share them with me.

Kids can play this game over and over by matching up the paper rings and rolls differently each time they play.

Here are some more combinations from which you can spell several words:

at, it, ut + b, c, p
ap, ip, op + l, m, t
ig, ill, ish + d, f, w
all, and, old + b, c, h
eed, ing, ock + d, r, s


  • Add consonant blends at the beginning of the words.
  • Use the empty roll from a paper towel. Add word endings and beginnings!

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