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Free Fourth Grade Worksheets

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Our free fourth grade worksheets provide fun spelling practice! Teachers, use these pages to supplement your classroom instruction. Parents, print them out for your kids to get some fun extra practice with important word skills.

Compound Confusions

Students need to match word parts to form new compound words. Extra activity and spelling tip included.

Printable Worksheet

"Compound Confusions" is one of the popular free fourth grade worksheets at www.spelling-words-well.com
Answers, in any order: 1. suitcase 2. thunderstorm
3. earring 4. bookkeeper
5. keyboard 6. beehive
7. grandparent 8. downstairs
9. teammate 10. toothpaste
11. flashlight 12. watermelon

Extension Activities

1. Ask students to write the compound words from the worksheet in alphabetical order.

2. Assign students to work in pairs to make a list of 50 compound words.

3. Challenge students to make lists of compounds that share word parts. For example, how many compounds can they list with light, house, back, or up? Answers include: flashlight, lighthouse, limelight; greenhouse; housefly, housekeeper; backyard, horseback, backwater, etc.

4. Ask students to illustrate each part of a compound word, and then exchange papers to guess the compound word. For example, Student A might draw a piece of wood and a wave in the ocean. Student B correctly guesses surfboard.

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a pair of pears

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the number 4

More Fourth Grade Resources

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