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 English Grammar Worksheets

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If you're looking for some new English grammar worksheets, you're in the right place!

This worksheet provides important practice with those tricky past participle nouns. Students will enjoy the fun "story" contained in the practice sentences with the surprisingly funny ending.

It's a Disaster!

Printable Worksheet & Answers

Provide the past participle form of each present tense verb.

  •  Example: We have (spoke) ___________ of this problem in the past.
  •  Answer: spoken

 1.       No one could have (know) _____________ the terrible disaster that awaited.

 2.       None of us would have (think) ________________ this could ever happened.

3.       We could not have (predict) _________________ this calamity.

4.       It was as if lightning had (strike) __________________.

5.       This problem should never have (arise) ________________.

6.       But we should have (see) ________________ it coming.

7.       Someone could have (do) _______________ something.

8.       Maybe I could have (find) ________________ a solution.

9.       Mom could have (ask) ________________ a neighbor for help. 

10.      My brother could have (go) _____________ to the store.

11.      He could have (got) _________________ something to prevent this problem.

12.      He could have (bring) ________________ back exactly what was needed.

13.      I should have gone with him and (choose) ________________ just the right thing.

14.      But in the end, no one had (give) _________________ any thought to stopping it from happening.

15.      That is why we have now (run)  ________________ out of ice cream!

Write your own sentences on the back for the past participle forms of drive, write and swing.

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