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6th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets 

Carpenter from "Assembly Job" 6th grade vocabulary worksheet

This 6th grade vocabulary page will challenge your students! The directions are simple. Just reassemble all 24 word parts into 12 larger words.  

Try it yourself and see if you think it's simple -- or not!

Assembly Job

Here's a peek at the printable page. Full instructions and text appear below.

"Assembly Job" is a fun 6th grade vocabulary worksheets. Students are challenged to assemble word parts and used the finished words correctly.

Directions: Reassemble these small words into 12 new larger words. Each new word will be made up of two small ones.

Some of the word parts can be put together in more than one way, but your task is to find a solution in which every small word is used exactly once. Note that the small words are not always the same as the syllables of the large words. 

Complete Printable Worksheet & Answers

























Use five of your new words in these sentences:

A. It’s clear that the children all ______________ their new puppy.

B. The flu has been running ________________ among kids in the daycare facility.

C. There’s no hurry; please return my book at your ________________.

D. When Granddad lived in London as a child, he used to buy candy for a ___________.

E. There are three cracked eggs in one ______________.

Be sure to use the printable worksheet and answer key.

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